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  • How will I know if my spa water is contaminated or needs changing?
    For private hot tubs it is recommended every 3 months, assuming 'average' usage, and provided daily/weekly cleaning advice is followed and chemical balance is properly maintained this should be sufficient. Do bear in mind however that heavier usage or accidental contamination by debris or products such as make-up or sun cream could affect this. Signs to be aware of would be cloudy or discoloured water, foaminess, algae, scale build up. For hot tubs/spas in holiday properties and ABNB settings then the full drain and clean operation must be done between each new set of guests. Health & Safety Guidelines HSG282 are very detailed and specific in these requirements.
  • How often should the water in my hot tub / swim spa be changed?
    Health & Safety Guidelines HSG282 ''The Control of Legionella and Other Infection Agents in Spa-Pool Systems' recommends that a private hot tub be fully drained every three months, and that a deep clean and filter change be conducted annually. For holiday lettings/paying guests the rules are very different. A full water changeover must be carried out between each set of guests and a bi-annual deep clean (best done before and after the main letting season). This advice is for guidance only, and needs might vary according to level of use or if the water becomes contaminated.
  • What happens to the water when my hot tub is drained?
    We use an electric pump to drain the hot tub with a long hose which can be directed down a drain, usually the preferred option, or to any chosen area of your garden if no drain is available. If draining onto your lawn/garden we will check the pH level before we do so and neutralise the chlorine if necessary as a precaution. This will ensure it is perfectly safe to plants and soil. The other point to consider is whether the amount of water drained may travel into your neighbours' property. We will always check the drainage options with you.
  • How often should I replace my filter(s)?
    We recommend that filters are replaced every year, or even 6 monthly if usage is heavier than normal. We can source and fit new filters as part of our services to make this more convenient for you.
  • What can I do to keep my spa water clean day to day?
    Daily care of your hot tub between regular service visits is essential and will give you maximum enjoyments of your spa. Always test the water with good quality testing strips daily and/or before each use and adjust chemicals accordingly. Always replace the thermal cover when the spa is not in use, and provide steps and a foot bath. Most debris is transferred in on people's feet. Make sure also that family and friends know the basic golden rules of using your hot tub: Shower fully before use | No make-up or products (skin or hair) | No putting heads under water | No food, china or glassware
  • Can I use any household cleaning products on my hot tub?
    Only cleaning products developed specifically for use on hot tubs - inside shell, exterior and all other parts and components including filters - should be used when cleaning your spa. General household products will not clean properly or protect the apparatus, and in fact could cause scratching and damage as they may leave residue behind. We will always use the full range of industry approved products and solutions to carry out our cleaning services.
  • What makes of hot tub do you service?
    We can attend to any make and model of solid construction hot tub/spa, but not inflatable or foam walled collapsible versions.
  • Do you provide the chemicals and cleaning solutions needed?
    Yes we do. We bring everything we need to keep your hot tub or pool in pristine condition. This is important as only prescribed cleaning products should be used on all areas of your spa and for all accessories. We can also source new filters and any other accessories you might need.
  • Do you charge VAT?
    No, we are not currently registered for VAT.
  • What methods of payment do you accept?
    We will send you an invoice at month end or at another appropriate point to your preferred e-mail address. ​ We ask that payment be made by online banking and are happy to accept direct debit arrangements from customers who have agreed a regular service pattern. ​ Our payment terms are 14 days from date of invoice.
  • Will I need to sign a contract or make a long term commitment for your services?
    No, certainly not. We are a completely independent family business with no links to larger companies , nor are we part of a franchise. We offer a completely free and no obligation consultation which can be on site if appropriate. We will assess and discuss your needs and make an individual plan with you. We will of course advise frequency and level of spa cleaning according to Health & Safety Guidelines (HSG282) to ensure your safety whilst using your spa and to maintain the integrity and prolong the life of your appliance.
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