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Our Charges
Refresh Service

Our Charges

Refresh Service

We offer a free, no obligation consultation service.

We do not ask you to sign a contract but do recommend a regular service arrangement be agreed to ensure your hot tub/spa is kept in prime condition, and so we can schedule our attendances accordingly.

Our services are individually tailored and take into account the size and capacity of your spa, accessibility, level of use and your water pressure.

As a guide, our Hot Tub Valet Service is usually between £135 and £160 for a 4/6-person spa.  This may be more on first attendance depending on condition of the spa water.

Deep Clean and Winterisation/Decommission Services are partly dependent on level of scale build-up on surface and in pipework and component parts.

Available to customers who have agreed regular attendance arrangements, our Refresh Service keeps your spa water safe and in perfect condition between your quarterly Hot Tub Valet Service, and during holiday lets of two weeks or more to maintain HSG282 compliance.  Please contact us for more details.


We will send you an invoice at month end or at another appropriate time to your preferred e-mail address.

We ask that payment be made by online banking and are happy to accept direct debit arrangements from customers who have agreed a regular service.

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